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Vissen Hoesten Niet



A theatrical musical production by Slagwerk Den Haag for six percussionists and a dancer, composed by Jan van de Putte and directed by Jos Jos van Kan.

Vissen Hoesten Niet (Fish don't cough) is based on the life and behavior of people in a metropolis. People in major cities must learn to be part of a confused multitude; they must discover the codes that allow them to live a bearable, worthwhile life within that community. Driven by the urge to be part of a community - a collective, an ensemble - their behavior is defined by rules and rituals.  

Seven people come together in search of the meaning of life; they falter, feel their way and sometimes become lost. They try, fail, try again, force their hand and occasionally succeed, if only for short while. Vissen Hoesten Niet demonstrates and gives voice to the rhythm of bodies in an urban environment, which sometimes unexpectedly unite with the rhythmic beauty they seem to sense despite its unreality.

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