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Dyane Donck / Slagwerk Den Haag


During November Music Slagwerk Den Haag will take part in Hex, a total composition by Dutch composer and sound artist Dyane Donck. This multimedia experience is performed by three percussionists accompanying the passionate mezzo-soprano Els Mondelaers. The composition revolves around woman, in all her mystifying guises - virgin, mother and witch. Ethereal beauty and enigmatic enchantment all rolled into one, woman never fails to fascinate. 

In this illusory musical theatre performance, Mondelaers escorts her audience through the exotic fantasy world of woman, while images of her ritual activities are projected in the background. The percussionists accompany Mondelaers on her magical trip through the subconscious. The performance includes the usual range of percussion instruments, as well as music boxes, crackle boxes, wine glasses and lost property. 

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